Beata Kot


Medical doctor, psychotherapist
Telephone: (+48) 692 612 145

I like to be identified as a:
Psychotherapist of psychoanalytical orientation

My qualifications are:
Medical doctor - graduate from the Medical Academy in Gdańsk, currently during specialization in psychiatry in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. Psychotherapist - graduated from Psychological Aid College, A Year Psychotherapy College and three-year Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Centre in Sopot; currently during complementary training for certification, affiliated to Polish Association of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and compliant with standards of the British Psychotherapy Association of Psychotherapists and European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

I have experience/ practice in:
Psychological help, individual psychotherapy, psychoeducation in psychiatric general wards and for daily therapeutic wards for patients suffering from psychosis, depression, anxiety, emotional problems, crises or others (Clinic of Developmental Psychiatry, Psychotic and Geriatric Disorders in Gdańsk, Mental Hospital in Starogard Gdański, II Psychiatry Clinic in IPiN in Warsaw, "Vitamed" Outpatient Mental Clinic and Non-public Medical Centre "Psyche" in Warsaw)

I see:

Areas of interest and work:
Depression, phobias, anxieties, personal and neurotic disorders, eating and psychosomatic disorders, emotional problems, life crises, stress-induced problems, difficulties in relations with others, difficult experiences

This is how I work:
Long- and short-term work, counselling with individuals

My Code(s) of Ethics is:
Medical Ethic Code, Act on Mental Health Protection and Medical Profession, PTPP Codes of Ethics for Psychologists



SPERO - 10/34 Grzybowski Square,00-104 Warsaw,